Sunday, November 6, 2011

2 extra hours to smile away

What exactly can one do in 2 hours? Honestly speaking, most of us often find spare time and we just while it away in chatting with friends over texts or calls, reading any readable thing that's lying by or, if I go by mass popularity, sprawling down on the delicious-looking bed.
But, I feel that the value of 2 hours is best known to someone whose destiny has been pre-determined. Someone who has lost a personal battle, someone who is merely ticking off seconds from his sand of life, someone who has already started preparing the voyage for the life beyond the mundane!
A cancer-stricken child or a kid with severe organ failure shall tell you the true worth of two hours. Since, he can feel his life running away like a ticking time-bomb, he shall gladly clasp those 2 extra hours to spend some happy moments with his near and dear ones.... He can use those 2 hours to smile a bit longer... Yes, he is more likely to smile than to cry as those over whom death is dancing all the time are much more adept and quick in embracing it.
It's only ironic that while we keep sulking over the trivial troubles of our routinely lives, they are so much contented even during the moments of death. So, these 2 hours are much more significant to these kids than to  you or me. Let them spread their angelic smiles for those 120 minutes. As for me, in all likelihood, with 2 spare hours, I shall be lurking behind the walls of some social website....though blogging may not be a very bad idea. 

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