Monday, August 1, 2016

Harry Potter throwback: Old moments and deeds

With Potter series, you find moments- small moments in life-

Like that immensely satisfying moment when I made a lengthy board game (on a giant chart paper) over several days and played it at length with my friends and cousins, earning myself the pleasure of watching them ogle at me with awe-struck eyes

- Like that serendipitous moment when I realized that my very first Potter reading was on a bus while returning from college, gratifyingly similar to Rowling's first seeding of the HP idea during a train journey

- Like that moment of duty-related pride when I succeeded in turning my very reluctant sisters into HP manias

-Like that moment of familial joy when I gifted a COS book to one of them and a handmade HP album to the other on their respective birthdays

-Like that moment of creative fulfillment when I inked down my own version of the final book weeks before the release of Deathly Hallows 

-Like that moment of insomniac fanaticism when I left my house a little after 4 am in order to pick my copy of Deathly Hallows

-Like that moment of extreme involvement when I set up a Facebook page (Harry Potter flows in my blood) and took it past 4,50,000 fans

-Like that moment of mindless dreaminess when I dreamt that I was sitting inside a cab with Voldemort sitting on the front seat, wearing a bunch of keys on his ears (as those keys were keys to his Horcruxes)

-Like that moment of extremism when I went to Goa with a bunch of people I had met on Facebook pages and knew them mostly through their nicknames (like I was 'Chocolate Rats', named on the lines of 'Chocolate Frog')

-Like that moment of irrepressible literary urge when I penned down HP fan-fics and even promoted shampoo products like Garnier by making Snape as its mouthpiece 

And sigh, like this moment of reminiscence when I look back fondly at those -bygone years and bygone deeds and write this long post to t2


Ritesh Agarwal

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