Friday, March 29, 2013

4 manly things every man should try: Are you man enough?

You may be a man but how manly are you? The masculinity which you possess can only be tested by trying some tough acts out there.

Here are some of the things every man should do (or at least try doing):

i.                    Sky diving: Majority of men have this extreme sport in their bucket list! And they do keep fantasizing about trying it out some day in the future! But fantasizing is one thing, and executing it is another! It is not easy to take that ‘leap of faith’. Most of these dreamers back out when the opportunity presents itself! Ask yourself, are you man enough?

ii.                  Dispose a bomb: This point highlights that the job of the bomb disposal squad is really very tough. It is one of the manliest things to do in the world. Physical features and rippling muscles do not matter in this challenge. It is your courage which will be put to an acid test.

iii.                Ask for forgiveness: It requires an altogether different kind of manliness to ask for forgiveness. Not everybody have the gumption to accept their follies and say sorry. Someone had rightly said- ‘To forgive is humane, but to ask for forgiveness is divinity’.

iv.                 Drink an entire bottle of Black Dog: Black Dog is one of the most powerful and most renowned brands in the world of Scotch whisky. It is not easy to down one whole bottle of this liquor. Men (and women) do fall in love with it, since its every sip is irresistibly tempting. But gulping down an entire bottle in one, single go (just like they show in the action movies) can be a pretty macho thing to do. So, are you manly enough to do it? Search yourself! Or better, bring home a big bottle of BlackDog and try it out! 

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

How to relax after a hectic day with Black Dog?

The drudgery of routine life can make the mind clogged with anxiety and weariness. At the end of a hard day’s work, it is vital to revitalize the body with something soothing and relaxing. Whisky has always made a case for itself in this regard. For ages and since generations, men have found rejuvenation in whiskies and Scotches. There is not much of a difference between the two. But a layman must understand that it is Scotch which gives the maximum pleasure. A whiskey is any whiskey, while a Scotch is a whisky locally brewed and manufactured in Scotland. It is the Scottish charm which makes Black Dog Scotch one of the more desirable things in the world.

Black Dog Scotch whisky is easily available since it has stamped its presence all across the planet. It is not uncommon to hear men guffawing over their manly gossips in bars and clubs huddled together over a Scotch bottle and relaxing themselves. You do not necessarily have to head to a bar to enjoy its true delights. For a true alcoholic, the home is where the bar is, and vice versa! So, they make sure that they have ample stocks of Black Dog in their miniature bars at homes so that they can savor its delights as and when required.

Black Dog can also be relished with some accessories. For instance, if you can club it with a chocolate, then you can slurp onto mouthfuls of ecstasy. Being a luxury brand that BD is, it is no wonder that a high number of celebrities choose to relax by consuming it. It can also, over the years, become your partner-in-crime during pensive moods and one of your reliable & trusted friends when you need a company during depressive days.

[This post has been authored on behalf of Black Dog Scotch whisky for which some recommended links are this, this and this.]

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A romantic evening at a yacht with Black Dog

Joseph pulled open the cork and a gush of seductive Scotch jetted out with a swoosh. It was a pleasure to smell the aroma of Black Dog. Jennifer too felt overwhelmed. She inhaled strongly as the enticing aroma invaded her nostrils. She noticed its amber color and approved in silent contentment. The sun was sinking in the far west, as their yacht sailed along lethargically. The sun’s golden hues spilled over the ocean, making the entire sea look like a vessel of Black Dog.

With the sea taking heaving breaths, with the sun casting honey all over, and with the luscious Black Dog for company, the stage was set for an indelible evening. Romance seemed inevitable as they sipped at their whisky. It was a Scotch whisky and the finest of its kind. Jennifer had never tried a Scotch before, and it was her maiden foray into such a prestigious label. She cherished every sip of hers and yearned for more and more. Joseph could sense the tantalizing effect which Black Dog was having on his fiancé. He felt a tad jealous at first. But then he smiled. Jennifer was not the only person in the yacht who was smitten by the brand.

A few more sips and the bottle got bare, stripped off all its delicious content. Jennifer eyed the second bottle but Joseph wanted to tease her.

“No more for you. You have had enough for the day. Besides, this is your first time.”

“Please darling,” there was urgency in her voice. “One more fill,” she pleaded.

He threw her a grin and played along. “Alright, but on one condition.”

“Yes, tell me,” she was quick.

“I need a kiss,” he whispered. “On the lips,” he finished.

She moved closer. He closed his eyes. The anticipation mounted, his heart pounded. She snatched the bottle from his hand and scurried away to the far corner of the yacht, giggling with triumph. 

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Black Dog Centenary: Its aroma shall make you quiver in ecstasy

Black Dog is counted amongst the top luxurious brands in the world. It is a Scotch whisky which is an internationally acclaimed label and has catapulted to peerless popularity in every corner of the world. Right from a commoner to a reputed figurine or an eminent celeb, this brand has found favor with all.

Black Dog Centenary is one tasting note which can leave you in complete delight. Its aroma would act as a seductress and its amber color would make an erotic dent in your eyes. Its aroma certainly stands out because of the diverse emotions it evokes and the multifarious reminiscences it brings to mind.

Black Dog Centenary has the perfume of an ageing, matured wood. This may very well have to do with the fact that the Scotch is made to live inside wooden barrels for some years during the manufacturing process. The smell of the Scotch would also remind you of butterscotch cream with a subtle hint of honey. This concoction makes the liquor a totally irresistible affair. That is to say, those who have a penchant for Scotch wouldn’t be able to resist its charm. And those who aren’t much into whisky would, for once, be pining for it.

To add to the appeal, it has strong floral fragrance which easily overpowers the nostrils and augments your cravings. Black Dog Centenary has a very warm & friendly effect on the mouth. The moment you take it in, it would beautifully combine with your breath and gel with your tongue to leave you trembling and quivering with delight.

In short, one can say that the tempting aroma of Black Dog Centenary would be the best smells you have ever smelt in your life. It shall enliven your evenings and add style and élan to your lifestyle!

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Top 10 quotes by Robert Frost

One of the best poems by Robert Frost

‘Some Bedtime Stories’ celebrates the birthday of Robert Frost (26th March, 1874- 29th January, 1963) and presents some of his most poignant and amazing quotes.

Here are top 10 quotes of Robert Frost (selected by me personally from a list of many). They are not in any ranking order but randomly presented:

1.       "A poem begins in delight and ends in wisdom."

2.      "A liberal is a man too broadminded to take his own side in a quarrel."

3.      "In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on."

4.       "Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired."

5.      "The best way out is always through."

6.       "The reason why worry kills more people than work is that more people worry than work."

7.      “The brain is a wonderful organ. It starts working the moment you get up in the morning and does not stop until you get into the office.”

8.      “Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.”

9.       “A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness. It finds the thought and the thought finds the words.”

10.  “I am not a teacher, but an awakener.”

Bonus Quote: “Don't ever take a fence down until you know why it was put up.”

So, dear readers, which ones did you like?

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Monday, March 25, 2013

True feelings have no shelf life: A short love story

It was 25th October- their wedding anniversary. Two decades and two kids later, they were still young, with life & romance completely intact in their marriage. Gauri shoved away the bedsheet, yawned and stretched herself to the maximum limits of ecstasy. She looked sideways and smiled benignly. Her husband was still asleep. Sunlight danced inside, as she pulled off the curtains, and fell on his graying stubble. He stirred.

Gauri sat by the mirror and allowed herself the luxury of self-admiration. A pair of hands emerged from the back and clutched her around the waist.

“Happy anniversary darling,” her husband whispered into her ears. His warm morning breath tickled her earlobes and she went into a phantasmagoria of delight. The next few minutes got forlorn behind their mushy chuckles and romantic hugs.

“Let us go to a movie today! Something romantic,” Gauri suggested.

“Why not a lunch and a session of Black Dog?” her hubby protested.

“Uff, why are you so obsessed with this Black Dog! You just had your fill last evening,” she complained. “I feel so envious of it, as if it is your second wife.”

“Hey Senorita,” he took her in a warm embrace. “It may be my second wife, but you shall always remain the boss.” He cajoled and rattled off a dialogue from a Bollywood caper, “ek mard ka sir sirf teen aaurton ke saamne jhukta hai... Maa ke saamne... Durga Maa ke saamne……aur….”And he bowed his head.

Smile creased her lips and greeted her tears. “So, Mr. Mard”, she patted him on the chest, “Are we heading for the movie today?”

“And who would tend to my work, dear” he put forth the question innocently.

“Oh dear, you are a millionaire. You can surely afford one spare day for your poor wife,” she pleaded. “Or should I find another partner?”

“Another partner? Who?” he raised his brows quizzically.

“Ah, let’s see. How about Black Dog? I’m sure I would enjoy its company as much as you do,” she teased.

“Oh ho ho! It is the world’s finest and richest Scotch. You think I will let you run away with it?” he announced. 
He strode to the bar and grabbed the Scotch bottle nestling it protectively into his arms. Gauri sprinted after him and tugged. The bottle slipped and crashed to pieces. He let out a howl of grief as the contents spilled.

“O shit, m so sorry. Sorry, sorry, sorry,” she begged and clutched her ears.

He softened a bit, and relented with a smile. “No worries Senorita. Bade Bade deshon mein aisi choti choti baatein hoti rehti hain.” Saying this, Shahrukh Khan hugged his wife. 

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Black Dog: Bringing friends closer since 130 years

I slumped down on the couch and picked up my cell. It was 6 pm and I was feeling utterly bored. With no girlfriend in my life, the weekend evenings can get tediously dull. To counter the monotony, I decided to call over a friend.

“Hey, what’s up man! Can you come over at my place. Let’s have a session of Scotch,” I spoke.

“Hi John. The idea is great but actually I need to complete some assignments by Monday morning and I’m really running behind the time. So, I don’t reckon it would be possible tonight. May be, next week mate,” Jim explained.

“But I have already ordered a Black Dog,” I replied back in a tentative voice. Though, I tried to keep any element of excitement out of my voice, I knew that the mention of the label would have some effect. And I wasn’t wrong.

“Umm…did you say Black Dog? Well, let’s see. I am really sunk in piles of work. But I feel that you are getting lonesome and are in need of some company. So, as your old friend, I should spend an hour with you. After all, friends are more important than work. Right?”

“Thank you Jim. I really appreciate. But I understand that you do have loads of work. I can call up either Brad or Matt. I’m sure they would turn up. You can carry on with your assignments. You need not worry about me,” I tried to dismiss with a grin on my lips.

“Oh no no no my friend,” pleaded Jim. “I don’t want to hand you the opportunity to chide me for the rest of the life for not coming to your aid when you needed me. I am coming mate. And that’s final. There’s no need to disturb Brad or Matt. I can finish my assignments later tonight or early in the morning,” he reasoned. We hung up.

“Ha ha ha,” I broke into a boisterous chortle. “I knew Black Dog would do the job,” I told myself with a smile of contentment.

[Black Dog Scotch whisky is an internationally luxurious brand whose legacy is 130 years old. It still continues to bring friends together, no matter how much is the work!]  

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Black Dog 18 YO: A truly luxurious Scotch

Amongst the many varieties which the internationally renowned Black Dog offers to the drinkers, BD 18 YO stands out for its mahogany color and luscious aroma. It is one of the true delights to the senses and always leaves a memorable impression, no matter how many times you drink it. For someone who is sipping the label for the first time, it would be a discovery of the finest class of international Scotch. And anyone who has tasted it for the first time will always crave for another helping. After all, it is impossible for an acclaimed alcoholic to not to get tempted by its aroma and taste.

Like its counterparts BD 21 YO, BD 12 YO and Black Dog Centenary, BD 18 YO too thrives on its quintessential rich and eye-catching color. It has a deep golden hue which makes it look all the more inviting. While pouring it, one must make sure to gaze at the luscious liquid as it cascades down into the glass. Just a look can give you a real high!  

Tasting it is more than a matter of mere relaxation. It is a form of self-indulgence since its blend of malt and grain whiskies lend it a unique taste. Its sinfully delicious taste testifies its excellence and vouches for its meticulous brewing. The Scotch spends several years, even decades, inside an enclosed oak cask before it is finally sealed into a bottle. In fact, it is the many years it spends inside the oak barrels which lend it such a deep amber look.

BD 18 YO can be combined with chocolates or can be consumed while watching a movie or can be taken on a trip. Amongst friends and amidst dates, from youth to death, Black Dog shall keep your spirits up. After all, true love for Scotch has no shelf life. 

Love Across the Borders Review: A tale of troubled romance

Book: Love Across the Borders

Author: Sudama Chandra Panigrahi
Publisher: All About Books Global
Genre: Romance
Pages: 242
Price: Rs 299/-
Rating: 3 out of 5

Review: ‘Love Across the Borders’ is a romantic novel which depicts the tale of cross-border and cross-cultural love. Despite being primarily of romance genre, the novel has strong political undertones and highlights the real-life tension that sporadically brews between India and China.

In quintessence, the story revolves around Jia, a Chinese girl, and Jivan, an Indian boy, and manifests a tale which begins in a shabby hospital in Jharsuguda and concludes across the borders in Beijing City Hospital. Between the two hospitals and between the 240-odd pages, the script goes through its ups & downs meandering through alleys of happy courtship and stopping by at baleful bylanes of conflict and turbulence.

The first few chapters pack the maximum punch, as the reader gets drawn into the entwined lives of the protagonists who discover each other in the dingy hospital room after suffering grave injuries in a bomb blast. The author Sudama Chandra Panigrahi wastes no time in heavy introductions and paints the gruesome scene of a bomb blast right at the beginning, thereby making the reader sit up and take notice. Jia and Jivan, two perfect strangers and common victims of the tragedy, bump into each other in a local hospital! It is a sheer joy for a reader to flip through those pages when they develop feelings for each other during their long stay in the hospital.

The author must be credited for choosing such a unique setting for the romance to blossom. He keeps teasing our imagination by incorporating touchy-feely scenes during late hours of the night in the common hospital room that our protagonists share. It is also a big respite from the clichéd forms of romance which we are being served by oodles of modern-day authors.

However, once Jia & Jivan get discharged, the pace of the narrative slows down a bit, and their romance is confronted by multiple hurdles ranging from individual protests to political tensions. Amidst the conflicts, they keep their flame alive, but separation seems inevitable.

The novel concludes on a happy-sad note. The titles of the final chapters could have been chosen more wisely, since they tend to give away the surprise.

As for the writing, Sudama’s style is reminiscent of classic authors. He beautifully plays with the words and flirts with phrases, evoking awe and bringing back memories of greats like Munshi Premchand. The author seems to have done a meticulous amount of research on the Sino-Indian relationship and incorporates several real-life political events in a very effortless manner.

There are a few other characters that blend with the story naturally and help take it forward. The most notable amongst them is Srabani, a one-time love of Jivan, and who, as she’d say, ‘gets lucky’ towards the end.

Overall, the novel makes for an engaging read. It has all the elements of a troubled love story and is a palatable concoction of life, death, war & peace. 

Note: The book is available in uRead and can be bought here.  

~By Ritesh Agarwal

Friday, March 22, 2013

Harry Potter and the hairy problem

He gave a polite knock at the wooden oak door and entered.

“Goodness gracious, why Harry do I have the pleasure of your visit at this unearthly hour,” beamed Dumbledore from across his desk.

“Sir,” Harry paused. “I need your advice on a certain matter.”

Dumbledore peered through his half-moon glasses and fixed his ageing eyes on Harry’s green ones. Yet again, Harry felt as if he was being X-rayed. The headmaster sensed his anxiety and smiled in encouragement.  

“So, I am not the only one losing his sleep over mundane worries,” he sighed. “Tell me Harry, what brings you to my office at one o’clock in the night.”

“Sir actually…..” Harry ransacked his mind, trying to find the best way to put forth his question. “Sir, I have been having some trouble with my hair for the last few days. Actually, I’m suffering from split ends. And…and…my hair gets all tangled and messy. I was wondering if…if you could help me in the matter,” he finished.

Dumbledore smiled. “Alas, I’m afraid, Harry, that I can be of little help to you. I’ve been myself trying to find a solution for split ends ever since I took a fancy to long hairs. We’re on the same boat Harry, though I would personally like to take credit for managing much longer and messier hairs than you do.”

Harry discerned the truth in the statement. His own shoulder-length hairs were certainly no match for Dumbledore’s knee-length ones. “But Sir, why not ask someone who can help us. Someone like……Professor McGonagall,” he suggested excitedly.

The door burst open and a tall, thin man clad in deep, black robes strode in.

“Ah, why Professor McGonagall, Harry,” said Dumbledore. “Here comes the man who can give every woman a run for her hair.” He winked. Harry snorted.

“Is there any problem Professor,” spoke Snape in his icy tone. “I assume Potter is here at this hour not just for a cup of tea.”

“Severus, there is a serious problem with our boy this time. And I assure you it has got nothing to do with the Philosopher’s Stone or the Chamber of Secrets,” beamed Dumbledore.

Snape’s lips curled. “Potter has been breaking rules ever since he has stepped foot in Hogwarts. I’m not surprised that he has landed himself in some serious problem. I’ve been telling you to take a strict action against such-

“Saddened though you may be on hearing the news,” Dumbledore interrupted “but let me assure you that he hasn’t broken any rule as yet. Or to rephrase, no new rule has been devised which Harry has broken.” He paused to beam at Harry. “The problem this time is a lot more complex Severus. In fact, I can help him no more than he can help himself. You, on the other hand, can offer a solution in a jiffy.”

“Me? Huh, and how would I do that,” Snape scoffed.

“Because, Severus, you have the highest experience with shampoos in the whole of Hogwarts,” Dumbledore said with an air of pride.

Harry suppressed a chuckle. Snape appeared a tad flummoxed and put out. Before he could forge a reply, Dumbledore continued, “Severus, have you ever suffered from split ends? By Merlin’s grace, you seem to have delightfully straight and shimmering hair, though I must say that there is a scope for reducing the amount of oil that you apply.” Dumbledore scanned his eyes through Snape’s dense locks with an apparent curiosity.

Snape turned a shade of scarlet, but regained his stance after confidently running his hand through his silky manes. “I, professor, would recommend Dove Split End Rescue Shampoo. I’ve been personally using it since my teenage days.”

“Isn’t Dove used basically by women,” Dumbledore eyed him with suspicion.

Snape sneered. “That is an incorrect notion, professor. My mother used Dove for getting those impeccable braids. But she even introduced me to it, after I started developing spilt ends in my adolescence. My split ends were gone in no time. I will bet all my potions kits that this shampoo will solve Potter’s hairy problems.”

“Are you…umm.. sure, Sir,” Harry broke in. He didn’t want to make an experiment by putting his hair on the line. After all, the Yule Ball was scheduled to take place next month, and he wanted to look his best while asking Cho to be his partner.

“Positive,” said Snape tersely. He turned towards Dumbledore. “I have persisted with Dove ever since I used it for the first time, way back when I was 15. In fact, I just shampooed my hair a couple of hours back, and I felt completely rejuvenated.”

“Using Dove still?” asked Dumbledore, “after all this time.”


[This post, a reproduction of JK Rowling's Harry Potter series, has been penned for an Indiblogger contest in association with Dove.]

Black Dog 21 YO: A perfect tantalizer

Black Dog, the luxury international Scotch whisky brand, has quite a few flavors to spoil your taste buds and pamper your desires. Black Dog 21 YO (BD 21 YO) is one such drink which scores in every department. Whether you are looking for the best aroma or whether you are chasing the greatest taste, it will stand tall in all attributes.

BD 21 YO has an intensely amber gold color. Its shimmering highlights make it visually appealing and add to its seductive texture. If you have a nose for great Scotches, then this one would immediately make you sniff with complete contentment. With peaches and a gamut of citrus fruits casting an enticing aroma, your nose is bound to have the best time out there. The moment you uncork the bottle, you shall be enveloped by a smell so enchanting that even the snobbish perfume emanating from your girlfriend’s body would pale in comparison.

BD 21 YO’s taste too makes it to be counted amongst the best. Its taste can be called ‘bold’ for more than one reason. Firstly, its exceptional quality is something which is a far cry from the less impressive demure products of the present times. Secondly, its level of seductiveness is so gargantuan that one feels compelled to endow it with the title of ‘bold’. Another reason for the superiority and boldness of its taste is the fact that it is blended and brewed after being preserved in cellars for 21 years. With over 2 decades spent inside the cold, dark cellars, it is easy to see how and from where it derives its rich color and impeccable taste.
As you sip it, you would feel as if your mouth has been collectively bombarded with an army of Seville oranges, ripe sweet mangoes and ginger palate. The lingering smell & taste of bitter chocolate, crushed almonds and liquorices would also be unmissable.

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Photography: A too cute squirrel

A cute squirrel eats cutely

Random words: The arc bobs against a god.

Photo taken by ©Ritesh

Thursday, March 21, 2013

4 popular international luxury brands of 2013

There are some companies and labels which enjoy such a massive global popularity that they can even sell pebbles on the dint of their brand name.

Here are 4 such international luxury brands of the year:

i.                    Louis Vuitton: Louis Vuitton is one of the giants of the fashion industry. Its leather products and other merchandize are sold all over the world. It is a youth-driven brand and owes its astronomic popularity to its innovative designs, creative ensembles and very eye-catching themes.

ii.                  Cartier: Cartier is one of the biggest names in the world when it comes to watches & jewelry. Though, it has diversified itself into selling leather-based products as well, but its marquee product is its watch. Over the years, countless actors and sports stars have flaunted its watches with pride.

iii.                Rolex: Rolex is another major brand which has made watches really a suave and desirable thing. Rolex watches are so sophisticated that they can give a good run of money to their cousins from Cartier. Rolex has also used some top-notch celebs like Roger Federer and Andy Roddick as its brand ambassador.

iv.                 Black Dog: Black Dog merits no formal introduction. Anyone who is a Scotch lover must have heard of this name, and must have poured it into his glass. It is one of the finest brands selling top-class Scotch whisky. The liquor has a very unique vintage effect and the brewing process is carried out for several years to lend the Scotch its irresistible aroma and amber color. It is a favorite amongst friends, heavily preferred by lovers, a promising treat for regular drinkers and a certain ice-breaker on a blind date. The brand's legacy is no less than 130 years. 

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A romantic evening with Black Dog

Last evening, it so happened that as I walked into my house after a tiring long day at office, I found my wife presenting a blank (and unfriendly) face to me. It was obvious to me that she was peeved about something. Mentally, I tried to prepare myself for the long battle (of cajoling) ahead. But feigning ignorance, I just threw a casual remark towards her, “So, how was the day.”

She gave me a venomous look. And then it donned on me that I had promised to take her to the cinema that evening. But since I was already late and had completely forgotten about the deal, she had allowed her temper to rise dramatically.

It was then that I took out the bottle of Black Dog and put it on the table, where it lay right within her viewing range. I had bought the Scotch bottle on my way to home, and even though my objective behind its purchase was to double up my football-watching fun later in the night, I realized that Black Dog is the only way I could wriggle out of this tricky situation.

My wife eyed it. Her expression was inscrutable, though I knew that her hormone levels had greedily risen. I uncorked the bottle and the Scotch flew out with a hiss. Her eyes were now trained on the bottle and I could see some beads of sweat showing on her brows. Anticipation had hit the climax. She was certainly aroused. I poured the aromatic and amber-colored Scotch into a glass. I wanted her to make the first move. And she did.

The lion had smelt the blood. She hastened over by the table. That temper had given way to a playful smile. I handed the glass to her and poured myself another one. I sipped at the Black Dog, she drank hers deeply. I looked up at her face. Her eyes bore a naughty glint. With a motion of a finger, she led me over to the couch and unhooked her button. 

[Black Dog evenings are romantic. They definitely ignite the missing spark in marriages, and make you live-in-style.]

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Diary of a musing Scotch bottle

Hello, I am a Scotch bottle and my name is Black Dog 21 YO. I know that I have a domineering reputation in the international market; I know that I’m one of the most desired things in the world; and I know that I’m always at the center of attention in all parties & clubs.

But I have become the victim of my own reputation. I feel lonely since I am singled out from the crowd of other mediocre drinks. When I am chatting happily with my whole friends’ group hailing from different brands & labels, an elite customer walks in and carries me away thus separating me from my happy society. Fame can come at a price, and who can tell you about this better than me- the so-called internationally luxurious ‘Black Dog’.

Being BD 21 YO is not easy. My life is full of hardships. I contain the intense amber gold Scotch which has seductive shimmering highlights. Such is my resplendence and aroma that men often lose control. Forgetting all social courtesies, they seal their mouth with mine. I used to love the attention but, at times, I feel molested.
But I shouldn’t blame the men. After all, who can resist himself if the thing lying before you has the smell & taste of disparate flavored fruits? On most occasions, my own head begins to whirl and I get a hangover. The liquid within me is not just colorful & aromatic, but it is delicious and extremely intoxicating. It swirls and gurgles happily, and all my admirers drool over me.

It is true that my body is made of glass but my soul is the real thing-intoxicating & irresistible.
My story, as you read, is a tale of happiness & sadness. There are mixed feelings. But there is no respite for me! I will be grabbed, uncorked and emptied in a jiffy. It is a clichéd and everlasting story for the last 130 years. But there is one small satisfaction for me at the end of the day- I know I have that effect on men. They surely can’t spend an evening without me.

The question is- ‘who is the winner here? Do the men overpower me, or do I conquer their senses’? 

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Monday, March 18, 2013

3 reasons why to drink Black Dog Scotch at the beaches

Beaches are fun places where people go to relax and have a gala time. To the urban community, a beach is now also the new chic party place, where friends and buddies congregate to say ‘cheers’ to a glass of Scotch. It is, therefore, no surprise that the 21st century men can be spotted carrying a bottle of Black Dog before sauntering over to the shores.

Here are 3 reasons why you must drink BlackDog Scotch whisky at the beaches:

i.                    To give pleasure to your taste buds: Alcoholic drinks come with their varying tastes. And the kind of pleasure which Black Dog offers to your buds cannot be rivaled or matched even by the most scrumptious of dark chocolate (although, it would be very wise of you to couple your BD with a chocolate as demonstrated in this article). BD Scotch is undoubtedly the finest brands which the world has to offer. Most men simply drool over its taste. And since, people prefer to drink something on the beach, why not go with Scotch instead of sipping the clichéd & boring coconut juice.

ii.                  To feel like a man: There is a certain amount of masculine pride involved in drinking Black Dog. It is not a child’s play to sip this high alcohol content. It acts like a status symbol as well and makes all the beach women croon over your masculinity. It can boost your confidence and cast an impressive aura around you.    

iii.                To unwind in the best possible manner: When you are trying to unwind, then why pose any limit to yourself? Instead of just lying lazily on the sands, you can give yourself the added experience of thrill by sipping the Scotch. Besides, if you are in that mood to romance with your girl, then do offer her a sip! It would be a great way to get her attention! 

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Top 5 birthday gifts you can give to your husband

So, you are panicking because your husband’s birthday is down your throat, and you’re clueless as to what to buy? It’s important for most women to make sure than they gift something which the hubby can appreciate.

Here are some top birthday gifts which are extremely popular:

i.                    Watch: Men love their watches. They may not express it so much in words as women do scream out their love for jewelries. But men, in their own silent way, take pride in their wrist watches. So, you can very well impress him with an international brand that would suit his taste as well as style.

ii.                  Wallet: Wallet is another popular gift which you can give to your husband. Men may have dozens of wallets but there is always room for one more in their collection. This is one item they can never tire of. In fact, most men usually have more wallet than the money which can be put into them.

iii.                Book: If your husband is a geeky bookworm or something of an intellectual, then try impressing him with a book! Again, don’t end up gifting those boring books on business or finance. You are his wife! Bring out some romance, and give him something romantic. How about ’50 shades of grey’?

iv.                 Shoes: You can also buy him a new pair of shoes. But men can be very finicky on this issue. So, go for it only if you are confident of his preferences.

v.                   Scotch: And finally, if you want to gift something different and something which would make him go drooling and swooning, then there’s nothing better than a bottle of Scotch! And to make sure that the magic is at its highest level, order a Black Dog. It is the best brand the world has seen. Black Dog would just make his day. And he would then make your night (as you would find out later).    

Black Dog Scotch whisky- the number one birthday gift for men & husbands! 

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Some 55 word fictions

It happened last night

A young executive was nervously biting her nails. ‘Why did I sleep with him last night’- she mused. Should have resisted, even though he looked irresistible.

Her cell buzzed. It was him.

“Umm…hi Deepak,” she was tentative.

“Hi Ruchi…ummm….after last night.. I realized something….I… umm.. will you marry me.”

“Deepak,….. I’m already married,” she sighed.

An interview with a vampire

A young executive was nervously biting her nails, as she stepped in.

“Good afternoon,” she mumbled.  The CEO was buried in some files.

“Miss Stacy, I can give you the job on one condition.”

“Yes sir,” she enquired.

“You must compromise,” he looked up.

The grin from his face faded on seeing his own daughter.

Nervous nervous

A young executive was nervously biting her nails. Her laptop wasn’t working; files were pending; she had to submit a presentation by evening; and she wanted to pee badly. But her nervous mind was preoccupied.

She dialed a number.

“Is the news bad,” she spoke.

“No mam, good news. Sachin has scored his 100th century.”

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

4 ways to unwind after office with Black Dog Scotch

After burying your head amidst mountains of files in the office, you need something stimulating & rejuvenating to get your batteries charged at the end of the day.

Here are 4 most recommended ways to unwind after a hard day at the office:

i.                    Listen to music: Music can have a very appeasing effect on the senses. It can calm down the mind and provide bliss to the heart. After digging into heaps of work, some mellifluous symphonies can do wonders to the mind. So, just recline on your easy armchair, tune in to your favorite music and takes sips of the Black Dog Scotch.

ii.                  Watch a film: Another excellent way to unwind is to watch a film. Usually, a cheesy romance or a jaw-dropping thriller works best for giving the mind that much-needed stamina. Again, it will be best to complement your movie-watching experience with a Black Dog in your hand! Movies & Black Dog make for an unfailing combination.  
iii.                Call on some friends: Why not call some of your friends to your home, sit back and have a laughathon? The best way to forget all your worries is to gossip with your buddies. Make sure that you have enough Scotch left in the bottle to serve everyone. If not, then buy one on your return from office!

iv.                 Go on a date with your partner: Whether you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend, wife or a husband, you are entitled to some romance at the day’s end. After all, if you can work from morning till sunset, then why not romance a bit when the darkness descends? A date in a restaurant seems the perfect idea for a romantic setting! And don’t forget to add to the experience by ordering a glass of Black Dog Scotch whisky. After all, it is the number one choice of all lovers & couples! 

Go ahead, have an easy evening with the world's premium Scotch! 

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