Sunday, October 6, 2013

Horror story: Running away from the thing

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It was a dream or so I thought. I was sprinting through the dense, dark woods, running away from something I didn’t know what. Deep down, I knew I was dreaming. Yet I could feel beads of sweat all over my face.

My feet were creating a furore as they ruffled the dry leaves. Darkness was frightening, but not as much as the serenity which prevailed. I wanted to stop, to take rest and to let my heart catch up with my breath. But I dare not. Coz I knew something was after me. No, I couldn’t see it. I couldn’t hear it either. It was just a premonition, a feel, a hunch. The air was thick with this premonition. I had to keep running though I knew that my legs were tiring out and I feared that they may succumb soon.

I was scared, really scared. This thing, whatever it was, would hurt me. I needed to run, run till I could find someone to share my fear with. Then we could run together and hope that the thing would get to the other person first.

But alas, nobody was in sight. The woods were desolate, just like the full moon which shone above. For a moment, its company offered respite, even hope. But then cloud swallowed it and I turned mad again.

I ran further and deeper into the forest. I had lost sense of the time a long ago. It was simply the fear of turning insane which was keeping me sane.

But then they appeared before me.

They were smiling in a cold way. I thought I recognized them.

Yes, they were my family.

I glided towards them. They welcomed me home. We slipped into our graves. It was then that they told me about the thing. They said that they fear it too, but without letting anybody know. That thing I was running from- it is called ‘human’.

My sleep broke. I told you I was dreaming. I knew it all along. My pillow was sodden with my warm sweat. The mirror in front of me shone. I saw my reflection. I was the human.

~Ritesh Agarwal


  1. OMG! That was one hell of a read! Your stories are so gripping Ritesh! When am I going to read a novel written by you? :| :) :/

  2. "Then we could run together and hope that the thing would get to the other person first." - True portrayal of human nature! And yes, humans are impeccably the most dangerous beings.

    1. Hey i am glad you noticed that portion...thanks for reading Isha :)

  3. That was awesome. Initially I felt it to be a dream but the twist in the end made it unique.

  4. superb. love the way it ends.. :)

  5. Wonderful read sir! Truly gripping!


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