Monday, March 4, 2013

4 main health benefits of Black Dog Scotch whisky

Yes, the drool-worthy taste and the seductive aroma that Black Dog exudes are enough to make you go week in your knees. But did you know that the internationally famous Scotch whisky label also promises you numerous health benefits?

Here are some of the major health-related benefits it promises:

i.                    Reduces risk of cancer: Cancer is that dreaded disease which can strike any time without forewarning. It can just knock at your door one morning and just rattle your whole world. But scientific researchers have revealed that those who regularly consume Scotch cut down their chance of contracting this ailment. It is believed that the liquid has anti-oxidant properties which automatically reduce the risk of cancer. So, that gives you another reason to buy that Black Dog bottle you were eyeing at the liquor shop?

ii.                  Reduces risk of stroke: As people age, the body gets fragile and strokes are common amongst elderly men and women. However, studies have revealed that those who regularly drink Scotch whiskey are less likely to suffer from a stroke than those who are teetotalers.

iii.                Immunity from dementia: As people grow old, the memory begins to shrink rapidly. Dementia is not just a very unmanageable disorder since it can affect your personality drastically, but it is also something for which there is no complete cure. So, it is best to do everything you can to prevent it or to delay its arrival. And one of the most delicious ways you can do that is to dive into Black Dog. It is believed that the properties of Scotch whiskey keep dementia at bay.

iv.                 Strengthens your heart: Another major health benefit of drinking Black Dog is that there is a risk-reduction of cardiac attacks, clots and other heart problems. Medical studies have shown that Scotch & whiskey drinkers are less vulnerable to cardiac problems than their non-drinking counterparts.

Footnote: However, to reap all these health benefits, you must drink the liquor in moderate amounts, and not in bucketfuls.

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