Friday, March 29, 2013

4 manly things every man should try: Are you man enough?

You may be a man but how manly are you? The masculinity which you possess can only be tested by trying some tough acts out there.

Here are some of the things every man should do (or at least try doing):

i.                    Sky diving: Majority of men have this extreme sport in their bucket list! And they do keep fantasizing about trying it out some day in the future! But fantasizing is one thing, and executing it is another! It is not easy to take that ‘leap of faith’. Most of these dreamers back out when the opportunity presents itself! Ask yourself, are you man enough?

ii.                  Dispose a bomb: This point highlights that the job of the bomb disposal squad is really very tough. It is one of the manliest things to do in the world. Physical features and rippling muscles do not matter in this challenge. It is your courage which will be put to an acid test.

iii.                Ask for forgiveness: It requires an altogether different kind of manliness to ask for forgiveness. Not everybody have the gumption to accept their follies and say sorry. Someone had rightly said- ‘To forgive is humane, but to ask for forgiveness is divinity’.

iv.                 Drink an entire bottle of Black Dog: Black Dog is one of the most powerful and most renowned brands in the world of Scotch whisky. It is not easy to down one whole bottle of this liquor. Men (and women) do fall in love with it, since its every sip is irresistibly tempting. But gulping down an entire bottle in one, single go (just like they show in the action movies) can be a pretty macho thing to do. So, are you manly enough to do it? Search yourself! Or better, bring home a big bottle of BlackDog and try it out! 

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