Monday, April 15, 2013

55 word story: I love you…..still

“I love you,” Fred whispered. “Do you love me still?”

He willed her to respond…., move…., whisper back.

Fred’s hair had greyed, but she still looked 28. Young, sassy, exuberant and full of life- even after two decades.

He bent down- “Happy 48th birthday…..I will never let you go”- and kissed her chemically preserved body. 


  1. Aww!That's touching:) Nice one and again fred......:p

  2. thanks.....fred, coz cudn't think of any other name.. :/

  3. good morning.. nice one Rats.. :-)

  4. good morning belated....thanks rat :)

  5. This one seemed like life of an OCD or autistic man, with love residing on the far fetched end and obsession in hands.
    Kind of gave me creeps. But penned beautifully.
    Imagination is *thumbs up*

  6. ya i wanted to depict the person as a sort of psycho lover.....thanks for visiting :)


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