Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Book Review: Words of Smiths- An eclectic collection of poetries

Book: Words of Smiths
Publisher: All About Books Global
Page: 122
Price: Rs 199
Genre: Poem/Poetry

Review: ‘Words of Smiths’ is an anthology of poems inked by young budding and amateur Indian poets. Presented collectively by WizKonect and ‘All About Books Global’, this book is an endeavor to bring to foray some hidden talents and some thirsty desires of scores of young writers.

The poems which the book comprises of have been selected out of a nationwide poetry contest and hence are a potpourri of romance, pathos, joy, grief, love, lust, destruction and death. Majority of the poems, nevertheless, are love poems which are undoubtedly the firm favorites with the young Indian minds. It is needless to say that most of the poets whose works have got published in this volume are young hailing from various towns & cities of India and mostly falling in the age-bracket of 20s.

It is difficult to review each and every single poem that finds space in this issue. Some of them are heart-wrenching while some dabble in satire, and some meander over to the tabooed territories of adultery or unrequited love. Some poems look pretty amateurish, while there are some which would spellbound the reader or provoke some rich contemplation.

There is this poem by Sukan Dev titled as ‘The Sane Insanity’ that narrates the tale of a female foetus and   speaks of the bestiality of cruel human society. Its lines go deep into the heart-

“At a very special moment,
Dear, I was conceived
Ignorant of the ghastly torment
By which my origin deceived………
Sometimes now I ponder
God has been fair to me unborn
For me cheated even of a beginning, I wonder
What would it be for all those SHE born?”

Another poignant poem titled ‘Silent Night’ speaks of love lost and the pain which follows. Coming from the quill of Ila Garg, an excerpt goes as-

“The one who was always there for you
Suddenly without a word leaves you…
Tearing your heart apart, he goes away forever,
Leaves with unfulfilled promises, and comes back never.”

Different poets touch upon different subjects sharing the commonality of the element of pain. If Abhishek Banerjee and Urvija Rishi present agony of ‘Solitude’, and ‘Loneliness’, then Gaurika Bathla pens a poem of hope, aspiration and apprehension in ‘Tomorrow’, and Saloni Khurana whips social norms in ‘Dowry’.

Overall, ‘Words of Smiths’ is a set of beautiful poems which can be read and reread during pensive and reflective moments of life. They may not make you feel cheerful about life but would give you something which you can relate to. They would show you the truth on your face in a harsh and oh-so-painful way!

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-Ritesh Agarwal

[This review has been written on special request by the publication house 'All About Books Global'.]


  1. hmmm....so many book reviews back to back....good :) A very good review :) I have never read an all-poetry book....lets see...

  2. Actually, even I hadn't read an all-poetry book before this one. So, it was a new beginning :)

  3. I'll try n get a copy of this book..
    I love reading poetry :)

  4. Oh that's nice to hear.. Go ahead :))


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