Sunday, April 14, 2013

Photography: A cat in a dark alley

A stray cat venturing out on its own in a dark alley on a moonless night

"The best way to get on with a cat is to treat it as an equal, or better, as the superior it thinks itself to be."


  1. Nice capture Ritesh:)
    BTW: U changed the header pic too i's better now, giving a twilight look to ur blog:)

    1. Yes, the earlier pic was taken from Google images. This one is my own capture of the moon taken on the night of Holi.

    2. Your pic? Looks like a professional one,cool!:)

    3. Arey that evening was so 'haseen' that I took around 10 photos of the moon from my window....this is one of them...i will soon make a separate blog post and put those photos. :)

  2. I'm curious.. what shes's up to :P

    Hey Ritesh,
    first time here..
    lovely space you have

    1. Hello glad u visited and liked my blog....i'm not much ur visit becomes all the more appreciable...thanks so much :)

      PS- CATS can be like that :P


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