Monday, April 22, 2013

The Power of Silence

'Silence' is a highly misunderstood word. It does not bring complete silence after all. It does come with its characteristic creepiness and puts its fingers over the lips of all those cacophonic noises. But then, it also gives birth to new sounds- the ticking of the wall clock, the chirp of the cricket and the 'meow' of that faraway cat....

Silence is powerful…more powerful than the sound it silences! A silent stare has greater power than an absolute shriek, unspoken words carry a deeper message than the ones which are uttered aloud, and the silence that follows a silence is more all-encompassing than the sound which precedes it.
Silence may appear to be silent but it is actually multilingual. It can speak many languages and can elicit more emotions than any word or several words taken together. Silence of a mother projects anger, silence of a friend depicts disappointment or betrayal, silence of a lover portrays pain, and silence of a life chronicles death.

It is the power of silence which often leaves us speechless after a hypnotic spectacle or a great artist’s dazzling performance, for no word can evoke an emotion as strong as silence can. And silence, after all, is the best form of adulation, applause and even envy.  

If agree, then you readers may leave your wordprints behind by inking a comment below, or you may choose to wield your power of SILENCE. 


  1. silence is the most powerful and a painful scream.. nice write up

  2. Brilliant Rat. Well said, 'silence is scream'. U bring a new vista to the post. thanks ratty


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