Monday, April 22, 2013

Don’t Walk Away So Far

Don’t walk away so far….
That you walk away too far…
That when you choose to return
That if you choose to return,
You may find me gone…..

Don’t walk away so far….
That you leave me so behind
That you make my hopes fall…
That you steal my memories all…
That you can no more hear my call…
That you leave behind a wall
Too strong…too opaque…too impregnable and tall……

Don’t walk away so far….
That you seem a distant star…
That your picture gets to blur
That your memory begins to pale…
That in loving you
That in waiting for you
I may entirely fail…..

-Ritesh Agarwal


  1. Beautiful poetry:) The lines are touching....:)

    1. Good to read a poetry at your blog after so many fictions :)

  2. Thank you mam. You are my only true follower who reads my every single post ^_^

  3. very touching.. nice poem Rats. now you can't say you are not a poem person :-)

  4. Hehe, thanks rat....I have penned a few poems earlier as well, which you can read in the 'poems' section of this blog. But even though I'm content with the quality, I haven't produced good numbers..

  5. Concluding lines are so painful, love is a tricky thing. Beautifully written.

  6. Beautifully rhymed poem! One cannot wait forever, feelings will naturally dilute...Beautifully expressed!

  7. deep gud framed words.
    nice one ritesh


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