Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The mysterious girl in the train

The train arrived bang on time. I jumped in. The holiday season had begun and I had got a 10-day leave from my company. Finally, I would be going home and celebrating Christmas and New Year with my siblings and parents. I was on top of the moon and truly extremely happy. I don’t remember having been so happy in all my 31 years.

As I took my seat by the window and felt the breeze on my face, my eye fell on the girl sitting on the opposite window. A slim girl with chestnut hair and a very innocent-looking face, she must be somewhere in her early 20s. I don’t know what drew me towards her. She was average in beauty and certainly not like the one who would make your head turn. Yet there was some sensational quality about her, which made my heart beat faster.
She looked up and saw me staring at her. I quickly dropped my gaze and turned my eyes outside the window nonchalantly. After a few minutes elapsed, I risked a quick glance. To my immense surprise, her eyes were fixed on me. I don’t know what thoughts were going on inside her mind! Maybe, she suspected me of being a crook or something and was, hence, keeping a watch on my movements. Or maybe she hadn’t seen something like me before!
I pulled out my Black Dog bottle and took a casual swig. The Scotch that went down my throat spread warmth and ecstasy into my veins. I tried not to look back at the girl but my unfaithful eyes took me there. What I saw next came as a big shock! Her seat was empty. But none had left or entered the compartment in the last 5 minutes. She had simply disappeared in the thin air. Was she a ghost? Yes, she must be! Maybe that is why she was gaping at me! She knew she wasn’t the only one of her kind in the train. I took another huge swig, snapped my finger and vanished.

[This story has been written for Black Dog Scotch whisky- even the ghosts love it.]

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  1. Ha ha! Cool story...for a moment i believed that u really met this girl_u made it sound so real:) Gripping,grasping,great story:)

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank are my loyal follower taking care to read my every post. Well actually, I just started writing this without any plan or plot in my mind. I thought I would make some love story of it...but it ended up being a horror u can see, it is a promotional post for Black Dog (a part of a month-long marathon). :)

  3. Na na, not Harry Potter...just a ghost. Harry Potter ghost nahi hai.
    I already know your blog. Yahan tag karne ka kasht na kijiye. Me already your big-time fan

  4. even the ghosts love it? lol.. interesting.. and an engrossing tale.. loved it Rats.. :-)

  5. Hi Rat...thanks dear for reading a promotional post :)


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