Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Black Dog Centenary: Its aroma shall make you quiver in ecstasy

Black Dog is counted amongst the top luxurious brands in the world. It is a Scotch whisky which is an internationally acclaimed label and has catapulted to peerless popularity in every corner of the world. Right from a commoner to a reputed figurine or an eminent celeb, this brand has found favor with all.

Black Dog Centenary is one tasting note which can leave you in complete delight. Its aroma would act as a seductress and its amber color would make an erotic dent in your eyes. Its aroma certainly stands out because of the diverse emotions it evokes and the multifarious reminiscences it brings to mind.

Black Dog Centenary has the perfume of an ageing, matured wood. This may very well have to do with the fact that the Scotch is made to live inside wooden barrels for some years during the manufacturing process. The smell of the Scotch would also remind you of butterscotch cream with a subtle hint of honey. This concoction makes the liquor a totally irresistible affair. That is to say, those who have a penchant for Scotch wouldn’t be able to resist its charm. And those who aren’t much into whisky would, for once, be pining for it.

To add to the appeal, it has strong floral fragrance which easily overpowers the nostrils and augments your cravings. Black Dog Centenary has a very warm & friendly effect on the mouth. The moment you take it in, it would beautifully combine with your breath and gel with your tongue to leave you trembling and quivering with delight.

In short, one can say that the tempting aroma of Black Dog Centenary would be the best smells you have ever smelt in your life. It shall enliven your evenings and add style and élan to your lifestyle!

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