Friday, March 22, 2013

Black Dog 21 YO: A perfect tantalizer

Black Dog, the luxury international Scotch whisky brand, has quite a few flavors to spoil your taste buds and pamper your desires. Black Dog 21 YO (BD 21 YO) is one such drink which scores in every department. Whether you are looking for the best aroma or whether you are chasing the greatest taste, it will stand tall in all attributes.

BD 21 YO has an intensely amber gold color. Its shimmering highlights make it visually appealing and add to its seductive texture. If you have a nose for great Scotches, then this one would immediately make you sniff with complete contentment. With peaches and a gamut of citrus fruits casting an enticing aroma, your nose is bound to have the best time out there. The moment you uncork the bottle, you shall be enveloped by a smell so enchanting that even the snobbish perfume emanating from your girlfriend’s body would pale in comparison.

BD 21 YO’s taste too makes it to be counted amongst the best. Its taste can be called ‘bold’ for more than one reason. Firstly, its exceptional quality is something which is a far cry from the less impressive demure products of the present times. Secondly, its level of seductiveness is so gargantuan that one feels compelled to endow it with the title of ‘bold’. Another reason for the superiority and boldness of its taste is the fact that it is blended and brewed after being preserved in cellars for 21 years. With over 2 decades spent inside the cold, dark cellars, it is easy to see how and from where it derives its rich color and impeccable taste.
As you sip it, you would feel as if your mouth has been collectively bombarded with an army of Seville oranges, ripe sweet mangoes and ginger palate. The lingering smell & taste of bitter chocolate, crushed almonds and liquorices would also be unmissable.

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  1. Now i have enough knowledge of this black dog thing more than anything in this world! Post pe post! Thak gai yaar!

  2. U're a wonderful reader and the only one who takes so much trouble to read my every single post.
    Actually, this post is a part of a 'black dog' blogathon which is a one-month affair. It will end on 30th March. Till then, keep sipping on its taste and aroma ;)

  3. is there some contest ? how can i participate and be part of this great initiative?

  4. It was a contest Umang. But it's over a long time back. Glad to see your interest though. Keep looking for more.

    You may find some existing ones at and


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