Friday, March 1, 2013

3 surprising things you didn’t know about Scotch whisky

You may be a staunch drinker of Scotch and a regular customer of the luxurious Black Dog label, but have you ever tried to do some homework on them. This Scottish-made aromatic liquid has its own tales & stories which make for some fascinating facts.

Here is a compilation of 3 such facts. Take a glass in your hand and read on. Cheers!

i.                    It also contains water: While you must be knowing that grain and yeast are the chief constituents of whisky, its third ingredient is, la la la, ‘WATER’. The process of distillation is, of course, complicated and takes a lot of time. But the bottomline is that you cannot just brush aside ‘water’ from any aspect of life. Now, you can wonder why the mere sight of Black Dog Scotch makes your mouth water!!

ii.                  Your Scotch may be hiding its true age: In most occasions, Scotch whisky is older than it appears. For instance, if the label states that it is 5 years old, then it is likely to be 7-8 years old, if not more! During the manufacturing, they spent a lot of time in the barrel. Just like we spend 9 months in the womb!

iii.                The mystery behind the color: If you study different varieties of Scotches carefully, then you will notice a visible difference in their color. Some will be darker than the others. Now, why is that so? Surprisingly (yes, you can widen your eyeball), the color of the Scotch directly depends on the amount of time it has spent inside its wooden barrel (its own wooden womb). The bigger surprise is that (you can further widen your eyes) the Scotch which goes inside the barrel is almost transparent & colorless! Its brownish-golden color is borrowed from its contact with the wood. If the Scotch in your glass is really dark, then you can be rest assured that it has spent quite a few years inside the deep, dark barrel. (Now, did your eyeballs pop out)?

PS- Humphrey Bogart’s last words were- “I should never have switched from Scotch to Martinis.”

For more facts & trivia about the good, old Black Dog Scotch whisky, click here, here OR here  :) 


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