Saturday, March 9, 2013

Harry Potter fan fiction: Romantic reminiscences

An old man of about 90 staggered towards the fireplace through the aid of a wooden cane and slumped down heavily on an armchair. Wiping a sweat off his grey brow, Harry Potter sighed, “It has been 10 years today.”

It was 10 years back on this very day that his wife Ginny had died. The two had had a lovely life together as a happy & contented couple. They loved together, fought together and saw their 3 children growing up together. Ginny’s absence had indeed created a void in his life. Harry picked up a glass of Black Dog Scotch and brought it close to his lips. His parched lips quivered, parted and dipped into the drink. Reminiscences began to flood his empty mind instantly.

It seemed only yesterday. He stood there clad in his best robes. Ginny was shimmering in her pristine white gown as she walked down the aisle with her dad and her brothers by her side. Her ginger hair lay open, with a few strands falling playfully on her beautiful face. Harry stood there frozen letting the feeling sink in. In less than 10 minutes, the most beautiful thing in the world will be his.....
Rings were exchanged. There was the usual raucous commotion of celebrations, but Harry was aloof to them. In his daze, he barely registered that Ron thumped his back and Hermione beamed from the corner. George too shook his hands though his smile no longer radiated the unbridled joy it used to exude when Fred was alive.....
Harry felt a tad shy, even though he knew that she was his, and he was hers. The velvety bed was soft, but not as soft as her skin. In the dim light, her eyes shone bulbously. Her incandescent smile could have easily put all the stars above into shame. She came closer and closer and closer, till their breaths were one. Their lips met, one bare skin touched another, and two souls merged into one.....

The midnight clock chimed. Harry stirred and pulled out from his thoughts. The Boy-who-lived rose and lurched back to his bed with his ageing limbs. As he hit the pillow one final time, his old, aged and dry eyes were no longer dry.

JK Rowling logged out of the net, shaken & stirred, having finally read a ‘perfect’ fan-fiction. She took a sip of her Black Dog Scotch and smiled. Her 90-year old eyes were no longer dry.  

[Black Dog Scotch whisky- the number one choice for both muggles and magicians.]

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  1. Perfect Ritesh:)! I was really disappointed when JK Rowling announced that she was not going to make an 8th part of the series but looks like there's no need to worry anymore_Ritesh Agarwal a pakka fan has come to my rescue and i enjoyed reading this story of his as much as i enjoy my other Harry Potter books:)) Thumbs up:) \*_*/

    1. Hi Bushra. Ya, when I was writing it, I was thinking about you coz I know you're my only follower who is an equally pakka HP fan.
      And don't worry, I would keep the Hogwarts Express running :))

  2. Hi,

    I enjoy your posts especially the 55words genre.
    Nominating you for the Liebster Award:

  3. Wow... my emotions swayed and my eyes were full of adoration while reading about harry and ginny and the blakc dog smiled. I loved it through out.. and I want more :D

  4. Great write-up! Writing is a talent, and it must not be wasted. As with everything that we had been entrusted, we should let it grow and share it with the world.> self development plan


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