Monday, March 25, 2013

Black Dog: Bringing friends closer since 130 years

I slumped down on the couch and picked up my cell. It was 6 pm and I was feeling utterly bored. With no girlfriend in my life, the weekend evenings can get tediously dull. To counter the monotony, I decided to call over a friend.

“Hey, what’s up man! Can you come over at my place. Let’s have a session of Scotch,” I spoke.

“Hi John. The idea is great but actually I need to complete some assignments by Monday morning and I’m really running behind the time. So, I don’t reckon it would be possible tonight. May be, next week mate,” Jim explained.

“But I have already ordered a Black Dog,” I replied back in a tentative voice. Though, I tried to keep any element of excitement out of my voice, I knew that the mention of the label would have some effect. And I wasn’t wrong.

“Umm…did you say Black Dog? Well, let’s see. I am really sunk in piles of work. But I feel that you are getting lonesome and are in need of some company. So, as your old friend, I should spend an hour with you. After all, friends are more important than work. Right?”

“Thank you Jim. I really appreciate. But I understand that you do have loads of work. I can call up either Brad or Matt. I’m sure they would turn up. You can carry on with your assignments. You need not worry about me,” I tried to dismiss with a grin on my lips.

“Oh no no no my friend,” pleaded Jim. “I don’t want to hand you the opportunity to chide me for the rest of the life for not coming to your aid when you needed me. I am coming mate. And that’s final. There’s no need to disturb Brad or Matt. I can finish my assignments later tonight or early in the morning,” he reasoned. We hung up.

“Ha ha ha,” I broke into a boisterous chortle. “I knew Black Dog would do the job,” I told myself with a smile of contentment.

[Black Dog Scotch whisky is an internationally luxurious brand whose legacy is 130 years old. It still continues to bring friends together, no matter how much is the work!]  

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