Monday, March 25, 2013

True feelings have no shelf life: A short love story

It was 25th October- their wedding anniversary. Two decades and two kids later, they were still young, with life & romance completely intact in their marriage. Gauri shoved away the bedsheet, yawned and stretched herself to the maximum limits of ecstasy. She looked sideways and smiled benignly. Her husband was still asleep. Sunlight danced inside, as she pulled off the curtains, and fell on his graying stubble. He stirred.

Gauri sat by the mirror and allowed herself the luxury of self-admiration. A pair of hands emerged from the back and clutched her around the waist.

“Happy anniversary darling,” her husband whispered into her ears. His warm morning breath tickled her earlobes and she went into a phantasmagoria of delight. The next few minutes got forlorn behind their mushy chuckles and romantic hugs.

“Let us go to a movie today! Something romantic,” Gauri suggested.

“Why not a lunch and a session of Black Dog?” her hubby protested.

“Uff, why are you so obsessed with this Black Dog! You just had your fill last evening,” she complained. “I feel so envious of it, as if it is your second wife.”

“Hey Senorita,” he took her in a warm embrace. “It may be my second wife, but you shall always remain the boss.” He cajoled and rattled off a dialogue from a Bollywood caper, “ek mard ka sir sirf teen aaurton ke saamne jhukta hai... Maa ke saamne... Durga Maa ke saamne……aur….”And he bowed his head.

Smile creased her lips and greeted her tears. “So, Mr. Mard”, she patted him on the chest, “Are we heading for the movie today?”

“And who would tend to my work, dear” he put forth the question innocently.

“Oh dear, you are a millionaire. You can surely afford one spare day for your poor wife,” she pleaded. “Or should I find another partner?”

“Another partner? Who?” he raised his brows quizzically.

“Ah, let’s see. How about Black Dog? I’m sure I would enjoy its company as much as you do,” she teased.

“Oh ho ho! It is the world’s finest and richest Scotch. You think I will let you run away with it?” he announced. 
He strode to the bar and grabbed the Scotch bottle nestling it protectively into his arms. Gauri sprinted after him and tugged. The bottle slipped and crashed to pieces. He let out a howl of grief as the contents spilled.

“O shit, m so sorry. Sorry, sorry, sorry,” she begged and clutched her ears.

He softened a bit, and relented with a smile. “No worries Senorita. Bade Bade deshon mein aisi choti choti baatein hoti rehti hain.” Saying this, Shahrukh Khan hugged his wife. 

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  1. :)

    Firstly, Sharukh khan? Ha ha! nice romantic story:) For a moment i thought the guy would strangle the girl:p guys can be crazy about Black dog and all!
    Secondly, u used 'senorita' too:) It's an irresistible name know?:)


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