Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Diary of a musing Scotch bottle

Hello, I am a Scotch bottle and my name is Black Dog 21 YO. I know that I have a domineering reputation in the international market; I know that I’m one of the most desired things in the world; and I know that I’m always at the center of attention in all parties & clubs.

But I have become the victim of my own reputation. I feel lonely since I am singled out from the crowd of other mediocre drinks. When I am chatting happily with my whole friends’ group hailing from different brands & labels, an elite customer walks in and carries me away thus separating me from my happy society. Fame can come at a price, and who can tell you about this better than me- the so-called internationally luxurious ‘Black Dog’.

Being BD 21 YO is not easy. My life is full of hardships. I contain the intense amber gold Scotch which has seductive shimmering highlights. Such is my resplendence and aroma that men often lose control. Forgetting all social courtesies, they seal their mouth with mine. I used to love the attention but, at times, I feel molested.
But I shouldn’t blame the men. After all, who can resist himself if the thing lying before you has the smell & taste of disparate flavored fruits? On most occasions, my own head begins to whirl and I get a hangover. The liquid within me is not just colorful & aromatic, but it is delicious and extremely intoxicating. It swirls and gurgles happily, and all my admirers drool over me.

It is true that my body is made of glass but my soul is the real thing-intoxicating & irresistible.
My story, as you read, is a tale of happiness & sadness. There are mixed feelings. But there is no respite for me! I will be grabbed, uncorked and emptied in a jiffy. It is a clich├ęd and everlasting story for the last 130 years. But there is one small satisfaction for me at the end of the day- I know I have that effect on men. They surely can’t spend an evening without me.

The question is- ‘who is the winner here? Do the men overpower me, or do I conquer their senses’? 

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