Wednesday, March 13, 2013

5 things you must do after turning adult

As a child, you must have fancied a few things which you could never do either owing to legal restrictions or because of moral prohibitions. But once you turn adult, you can greet your new life with some fun & exciting things. Once you start savoring the joys of these things, you won’t miss your childhood all that much.

Here is a quick list of some of those must-do things:

i.                    Vote: When, as a child, you were not allowed to cast a vote, then you must have really aspired to do so. There is that element of excitement in it, and also a sense of responsibility which you only feel once you enter the polling station. So, once you get the legal qualification to make your choice count, then do make the most of this democratic opportunity.

ii.                  Kiss: Most people these days get their share of liplocks well before reaching adulthood. And some even go a step ahead while still into their mid-teens. But just in case, you stayed away from physical romance all these years, then it’s time that you find out what human anatomy is all about!

iii.                Watch videos you always wanted to watch: After you turn 18, you get the legal license to watch those videos which you always wanted to watch (and which you already watched even before turning 18). The difference is that now you can watch them without any guilt, since your 18-year old eyes have got legally entitled to feast on them.

iv.                 Donate blood: It’s always a joy to donate blood, since you realize that what you’re doing may just save a person’s life. It’s a noble feeling and a great philanthropic work as well.

v.                   Drink: There are different set of laws for different countries when it comes to drinking. But this is another joy you can derive only in your adult life. You can start off with beer, but you must graduate over to Scotch. Black Dog Scotch whisky should be your ultimate destination.

Black Dog is a true Scottish brand with a legacy of over 130 years. If you have acquired legal age for drinking in your country, then you must visit this intoxicating BD page here, or drink yourself to its Twitter handle here, or seduce yourself to its aroma-filled delights here.  


  1. Kya sab sikhaa raha hai bachcho ko? Kissing and drinking - woh to janam lete hi shuru ho jataa hai.

  2. hehe...tumhaare bacchon ke bhi kaam aayega

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