Friday, March 15, 2013

The sinful confession of an alcoholic

I’m an alcoholic and that is not a confession. The entire world knows of my drinking habits. At least, my entire town is aware of my obsession with Scotch which is more like water to me- thing of complete necessity. I wish Scotches flew out of tap. Then I would have just turned the tap on and put my mouth to it to suck in the entire city’s share. No, my confession is related to something else. I had always loathed the so-called dark chocolate. Girls and guys around me have this inexplicable fascination towards it. Most of them not just love it, they lust it (and to a point where I begin to doubt their orientation).

Me, on the other hand, have always borne a strong repulsion for the chocolate. I know it may appear delicious to you. But after a point, it begins to irritate. Its over-sugary nature makes me crib and reminds of my old girlfriend. She was nasty from within, but had the unique capacity to turn over-sweet when she wanted something out of me.

But, now comes my big confession. Last night, I sinned. It may not appear a sin in your eyes (unless you too are a chocolate-hater like me), but in my view it was pure blasphemy. As I was surfing the net looking for different ways to try my Black Dog, I came across an article which said that Scotch, if paired with chocolate, can give you heavenly pleasures. I ignored the article at first. But then I came across 10 similar articles, each of them harping about the lusciousness of a choco+Scotch combination.

That was when my heart wavered. My mind protested, but my heart had already fallen for the temptation. I took out a big chocolate bar from the refrigerator (where my wife had kept it for her own consumption), peeled off the cover and sank my teeth into it. I rolled over my tongue and took a swig of Black Dog. It was then that the chocolate melted….It melted like it had never melted before. A shiver of ecstasy ran down my body. The next few minutes passed in bliss. By the time I finished, I was no longer a chocolate-hater. I had fallen head over heels (and tongue over lips) for it. And it was all thanks to Scotch. 

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