Thursday, March 7, 2013

Story of my life: 21 years in a deep, dark, cold cellar

I have vivid memories of my years of imprisonment. For 21 long years, I was in solitary confinement. Inside a deep dark cellar, I lay quietly for over two decades with little hope of liberty. It was cold inside with no ray of light or hope. If there were someone else in my position, he would have given up hope before long. But me- I was made of different brew. I had my spirits up even during the darkest phase of my life. The dark phase was also the formative stage of my life, as you would find out soon.

I went through multiple emotions & experiences. My face changed color several times and when I finally saw daylight, I could no longer recognize myself. In contrast to my pale former self, I now had a distinct amber gold hue to my skin. Those years of dormancy have turned me darker and stronger. Now, I can easily conquer men and overpower their senses. I can affect their mind and augment their desire. I can even control the women and turn them to fire. The perfume which exudes from my body will even turn you on. Just walk into my arms, and I will surely make you fawn.
Shimmering and glistening, golden and aromatic, I’m the one which is desired, relished and savored. I’m the deliciously sinful and the sinfully delicious Blackdog Scotch Whisky.

Note: Blackdog Scotch whisky is an internationally reputed label which is brewed inside the cold, dark warehouse for as many as 21 years before its enriched & colorful avatar is unleashed to the delights of drinkers. You can keep track of the label here, follow it on twitter here and read more about it here
Scotch being stored in wooden cellars for years


  1. Brand ambassador Contest :O
    Blackdog Scotch Whisky is all you need in your glass. :P Make it the tagline :P :P :P

  2. Beautifully said from the whisky's perspective_i can even control women and turn them to fire...this one actually made me laugh:)

  3. lol.. interesting whisky story.. fun read. :D

    1. hi Rat...thank u for visiting after such a loooong time :'(

  4. Ha ha good one.... and the first picture goes well with the start.
    As I am a teetotaler, I will not go here, here and here :-)

    1. Thanks...u dnt have to go here, here and here :P


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