Saturday, March 23, 2013

Black Dog 18 YO: A truly luxurious Scotch

Amongst the many varieties which the internationally renowned Black Dog offers to the drinkers, BD 18 YO stands out for its mahogany color and luscious aroma. It is one of the true delights to the senses and always leaves a memorable impression, no matter how many times you drink it. For someone who is sipping the label for the first time, it would be a discovery of the finest class of international Scotch. And anyone who has tasted it for the first time will always crave for another helping. After all, it is impossible for an acclaimed alcoholic to not to get tempted by its aroma and taste.

Like its counterparts BD 21 YO, BD 12 YO and Black Dog Centenary, BD 18 YO too thrives on its quintessential rich and eye-catching color. It has a deep golden hue which makes it look all the more inviting. While pouring it, one must make sure to gaze at the luscious liquid as it cascades down into the glass. Just a look can give you a real high!  

Tasting it is more than a matter of mere relaxation. It is a form of self-indulgence since its blend of malt and grain whiskies lend it a unique taste. Its sinfully delicious taste testifies its excellence and vouches for its meticulous brewing. The Scotch spends several years, even decades, inside an enclosed oak cask before it is finally sealed into a bottle. In fact, it is the many years it spends inside the oak barrels which lend it such a deep amber look.

BD 18 YO can be combined with chocolates or can be consumed while watching a movie or can be taken on a trip. Amongst friends and amidst dates, from youth to death, Black Dog shall keep your spirits up. After all, true love for Scotch has no shelf life. 

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