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10 small, little things in life which give you pleasure

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Life is made of simple, little things which give more pleasure than any plush million-dollar thing can. So, if you are not a millionaire, don’t curse God! Just be thankful that you can still lead a happy life. Remember these words- “a rich man is not necessarily happy, and a poor man is not necessarily sad.” [a quote by me J]

Life is what you make of it. 

Here are 10 small, little things of life that give us maximum pleasure:

i.                    Walking on the grass with bare feet: Not many people care about it, and not many ever do it! But if you wish to feel that waft of natural happiness flowing up your veins, do give it a try!

ii.                  Reading a novel: Whether you love horror or romance, mystery or fantasy, you can always bank on a book to see you through the pensive moments and the depressing times. Pick up an Agatha, Poe, Tolstoy or Rowling and see how they transport you to a faraway world!

iii.                Dancing/kissing in the rain: A rain dance can appear a childish thing to do, but it has the power to make you feel emancipated. And one fine evening when you’re walking down the alley with your love and it starts raining, then do make sure to seal your lips. It can’t get more romantic than that!

iv.                 Building a sandcastle: Another thing which you may have done as a child! Never mind whether you’re 20 or 30 or 60, you can always beckon that child from within.

v.                   Sky-gazing at night: For lovers it’s romantic, for friends it’s fun, for adventurists it’s thrill, and for the lonely it’s reflection! Sky-gazing at night is akin to letting your imagination travel millions of miles away amongst the mysteries of stars, moons and the black holes. It’s no wonder why people all over the world get so excited when a meteor shower is round the corner!

vi.                 Watching a romantic old movie: Whether it’s ‘Gone with the Wind’ or whether it’s ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ or everyone’s favorite ‘Titanic’, you can always watch and rewatch and re-rewatch these romantic films over and over again!

vii.               Swaying in the swing: As you swing in the swing with the breeze blowing softly against your face and ruffling the streaks of hair- can there by anything more pleasurable?

viii.             Watching Tom & Jerry: Watching the 10-minute feature of ‘Tom & Jerry’ is rejuvenating and evokes nostalgia. There is an element of innocence and chastity in this cartoon which is so joyful that you would always find it endearing, even if you are 60.

ix.                 Getting a hug: Every hug sends out different emotions- a mother’s hug is different from a child’s hug which is different from a lover’s hug and which is again different from a stranger’s hug. But what is common to them all is that they give you extreme happiness. And they are free!

x.                   Sipping on Scotch: Have you ever tried Scotch? Have you ever tried Black Dog? In happiness and in sorrow, in health and in sickness, in desolation and in togetherness, it can give you pleasure! Maximum pleasure!

So dear readers, which one of the above gives you the maximum pleasure? Can you add to the list?

[This post has been written in association with Black Dog Scotch whisky.]

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  1. Beautiful post Ritesh:) ?(That was an Awesome quote u made:)) Nearly all ur points are associated with nature...indeed they bring u loads of happiness:) TC:)

    *I wrote a new poem on Spring,do check it out:) and i also checked out your Facebook page_it's hilarious:)*

  2. Yes, natural beauty is the most spiritiual feeling... I saw your post and loved it....and thanks for visiting my page :)


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