Monday, March 18, 2013

3 reasons why to drink Black Dog Scotch at the beaches

Beaches are fun places where people go to relax and have a gala time. To the urban community, a beach is now also the new chic party place, where friends and buddies congregate to say ‘cheers’ to a glass of Scotch. It is, therefore, no surprise that the 21st century men can be spotted carrying a bottle of Black Dog before sauntering over to the shores.

Here are 3 reasons why you must drink BlackDog Scotch whisky at the beaches:

i.                    To give pleasure to your taste buds: Alcoholic drinks come with their varying tastes. And the kind of pleasure which Black Dog offers to your buds cannot be rivaled or matched even by the most scrumptious of dark chocolate (although, it would be very wise of you to couple your BD with a chocolate as demonstrated in this article). BD Scotch is undoubtedly the finest brands which the world has to offer. Most men simply drool over its taste. And since, people prefer to drink something on the beach, why not go with Scotch instead of sipping the clich├ęd & boring coconut juice.

ii.                  To feel like a man: There is a certain amount of masculine pride involved in drinking Black Dog. It is not a child’s play to sip this high alcohol content. It acts like a status symbol as well and makes all the beach women croon over your masculinity. It can boost your confidence and cast an impressive aura around you.    

iii.                To unwind in the best possible manner: When you are trying to unwind, then why pose any limit to yourself? Instead of just lying lazily on the sands, you can give yourself the added experience of thrill by sipping the Scotch. Besides, if you are in that mood to romance with your girl, then do offer her a sip! It would be a great way to get her attention! 

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