Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A romantic evening at a yacht with Black Dog

Joseph pulled open the cork and a gush of seductive Scotch jetted out with a swoosh. It was a pleasure to smell the aroma of Black Dog. Jennifer too felt overwhelmed. She inhaled strongly as the enticing aroma invaded her nostrils. She noticed its amber color and approved in silent contentment. The sun was sinking in the far west, as their yacht sailed along lethargically. The sun’s golden hues spilled over the ocean, making the entire sea look like a vessel of Black Dog.

With the sea taking heaving breaths, with the sun casting honey all over, and with the luscious Black Dog for company, the stage was set for an indelible evening. Romance seemed inevitable as they sipped at their whisky. It was a Scotch whisky and the finest of its kind. Jennifer had never tried a Scotch before, and it was her maiden foray into such a prestigious label. She cherished every sip of hers and yearned for more and more. Joseph could sense the tantalizing effect which Black Dog was having on his fiancé. He felt a tad jealous at first. But then he smiled. Jennifer was not the only person in the yacht who was smitten by the brand.

A few more sips and the bottle got bare, stripped off all its delicious content. Jennifer eyed the second bottle but Joseph wanted to tease her.

“No more for you. You have had enough for the day. Besides, this is your first time.”

“Please darling,” there was urgency in her voice. “One more fill,” she pleaded.

He threw her a grin and played along. “Alright, but on one condition.”

“Yes, tell me,” she was quick.

“I need a kiss,” he whispered. “On the lips,” he finished.

She moved closer. He closed his eyes. The anticipation mounted, his heart pounded. She snatched the bottle from his hand and scurried away to the far corner of the yacht, giggling with triumph. 

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