Friday, March 15, 2013

Movies and Black Dog Scotch: A perfect combination

Movies and Black Dog Scotch whisky go hand in hand. If you combine one with the other, the experience becomes much better and richer. If an action movie is playing on your TV, then there’s nothing better than to let your eyes feast on the screen and let your lips get into some action with the Scotch. If you have tuned in to a romantic movie, then the intoxicating Black Dog Scotch can make you feel much more mushy. And it would be heavenly if you have your spouse for company as well. A slice of movie, a few sips of scotch and some wet kisses- nothing could be more pleasurable. 

Most people look for something to unwind after returning from the office. You have every right to pull off your socks, fling your shoes away testing your javelin skills and slump down heavily on the couch. But at the end of the day, a man works so that he can come back to home and get some entertainment. Life won’t be worth living, if it’s only work and no play! So, watching a film and complementing it with Black Dog is something no sane person would refuse.

Black Dog is not just frothy and colorful in appearance. It has that aroma which can make any man (or woman) go weak in his knees. It can be tried even without a movie, but a movie shouldn’t be tried without it. After all, it is a long-drawn custom to dig into popcorns & chips while movie-watching. But these snacks are getting clich├ęd and should be best left to young kids. It would be a new experience and certainly a more tempting one to take swigs of the delicious and mouth-watering mouth-alcoholing Black Dog. 

[Black Dog is a 130-year old luxurious international label for top-class Scotch whisky.]

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