Friday, March 8, 2013

Another 3 surprising things you didn’t know about Scotch whisky

A glass of Scotch whisky is a drool-worthy, swoon-worthy liquid. It is one of those rare things which can have an equally overwhelming effect on both men and women. (Yes, women too love this drink. If you are a lady and your lips still haven’t kissed a glass of Scotch, then here are Five reasons why women should take up Scotch).

People these days are pretty busy and cannot spare much time to dig out trivia & tales about Scotches and whiskeys. They would just saunter over to a nearby liquor shop and order their favorite Black Dog label and return home happily and eagerly looking forward to the after-dinner drinking marathon. But the positive response generated by the article 3 surprising things you didn’t know about Scotch whisky has compelled me to add 3 more to the coveted list.

So, here come 3 more surprises. Once again, I beseech you to just sip your Black Dog and read leisurely:

i.                    Scotch production almost came to a standstill in the 18th century: In the early 18th century, Scotch production plummeted because of the imposition of Malt Tax in the year 1725. Several manufacturers had to pull down their shutters in Scotland. The production of Scotch was almost made illegal in many parts. Yet, the compulsive drinkers would find a way to get their share of daily drink in their hand. Thankfully, you were not alive at that time. So, you can thank your stars that you never had to face that era.

ii.                  Scotch is the bread & butter for many: For many, Scotch whisky is the chief source of income. And this number is substantially high in Scotland. Using the clichéd proverb, one can say that it is the bread & butter for thousands.

iii.                A bit of water helps: Some people may arrogantly boast of their ability to drink Scotch without adding a drop of water. However, drinking your Black Dog straight won’t be as good as drinking it with water. A bit of water can do magic to the taste & aroma of the drink!

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