Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Things to do in Scotland: 5 must-do things during your Scottish holiday

Scotland is the ultimate destination where you are greeted by the gargantuan museums, becharmed by the fantasy castles and exhilarated by the lush blue hills. Quiet yet busy, serene yet screaming, modern yet quaint, Scotland is a world away from the world!

Here are 5 things you must do during your Scotland tour:

i.                    Visiting the Loch Ness: The lake of Loch Ness may be tranquil, unearthly and extremely scenic. But the limelight has always been grabbed by the apocryphal monster which is believed by many to be slithering under its surface. Even though science continues to stay baffled and history keeps throwing intriguing pictures, travelers are torn between believing & not believing! For once, fiction seems stranger than the truth!

ii.                  Gaping at the Edinburgh Castle: Edinburgh Castle is not just a magnetic piece of history. It is the finest living specimen of old-world architecture. But its biggest USP is its ambience. Just standing before this magnificent castle and breathing the same air that wafts through its ageing windows, you would know that heaven couldn’t be any better!

iii.                Skiing: Skiing is a popular outdoor sport in these romantic hills. The mountains of Cairngorms offer a perfect getaway to skiers and sports junkies. Even the first-timers & amateurs can extract copious amounts of thrill and see their adrenaline reaching saturation point.

iv.                 Taking a trip to Isle of Skye: Isle of Skye is an amalgamation of hills, lakes, castles and waterfalls. It is nothing more than a natural site. But its charm is so profound that you would never want to return back from that place.

v.                   Sipping the Scotch: Now, you cannot escape the delights of Scotch when you are in this country. After the elusive Loch Ness monster, if there is one thing which has grabbed the attention of the planet, then it is the Scotland-made whisky, more popularly known as Scotch. And to savor the best experience, you must try the famous Black Dog. 

[Black Dog Scotch whisky- the real taste of Scotland, and every backpacker's preferred choice.]

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  1. That was helpful:) If i do visit Scotland(in my dream) I'll remember to visit these great places:D

  2. Ya sure you should.... I myself am so enamored by the legendary monster of Loch Ness :))


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