Monday, March 18, 2013

Top 5 birthday gifts you can give to your husband

So, you are panicking because your husband’s birthday is down your throat, and you’re clueless as to what to buy? It’s important for most women to make sure than they gift something which the hubby can appreciate.

Here are some top birthday gifts which are extremely popular:

i.                    Watch: Men love their watches. They may not express it so much in words as women do scream out their love for jewelries. But men, in their own silent way, take pride in their wrist watches. So, you can very well impress him with an international brand that would suit his taste as well as style.

ii.                  Wallet: Wallet is another popular gift which you can give to your husband. Men may have dozens of wallets but there is always room for one more in their collection. This is one item they can never tire of. In fact, most men usually have more wallet than the money which can be put into them.

iii.                Book: If your husband is a geeky bookworm or something of an intellectual, then try impressing him with a book! Again, don’t end up gifting those boring books on business or finance. You are his wife! Bring out some romance, and give him something romantic. How about ’50 shades of grey’?

iv.                 Shoes: You can also buy him a new pair of shoes. But men can be very finicky on this issue. So, go for it only if you are confident of his preferences.

v.                   Scotch: And finally, if you want to gift something different and something which would make him go drooling and swooning, then there’s nothing better than a bottle of Scotch! And to make sure that the magic is at its highest level, order a Black Dog. It is the best brand the world has seen. Black Dog would just make his day. And he would then make your night (as you would find out later).    

Black Dog Scotch whisky- the number one birthday gift for men & husbands! 

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