Friday, March 1, 2013

Five reasons why women should take up Scotch

Men and Scotch go hand in hand. But this luscious-looking thing is not just meant for the tougher sex. Top labels like Black Dog are enjoying an escalating demand amongst an increasing number of female populace. And if you are a woman and still haven’t tasted this yet, then here are some major reasons why you should go for it:

i.             Women are getting adventurous: Gone are the days when women would be domestic and subservient. Now, they are funky with that go-get-it attitude. They are not shying away from activities which were once considered too brawny for them. So, sipping Scotch whisky is no longer a big deal.

ii.         The best way to unwind: Women are knee-deep into work these days. Apart from doing the household chores, they are also running corporate empires. So, it is no surprise that they often look to relax and unwind after a long tiring day. And what better than to laze over the couch with a glass of Black Dog Scotch whisky!

iii.         Makes a great pair with dark chocolates: International luxury brands like Black Dog Scotch makes a great team with dark chocolates. It is a well-known fact that women love their chocolates! And most women have reportedly agreed that the taste of the chocolate simply trebles up when it is consumed alongside scotch.

iv.         It makes you a piece of magnet: Women, whether young or old, whether they say it or not, just love to bask under male attention. Scotch from supreme brands like Black Dog brings the color back to your face, lending you that uber-sexy glow and an enhanced appeal. Besides, the modern man likes his girl to be classy and confident. Seeing you holding a glass of scotch, he may just zoom towards you the same way an iron nail gets pulled towards a magnet.

v.          To gain self-confidence and to become the cynosure of coolness: If you want to become that cool, daring and self-confident lady who is admired, respected, loved and even revered for her chutzpah, then all you need to do is to just motion the bartender and tell her with a swagger, “It would be one Black Dog for me.” 

[This post has been penned for a submission to Liveinstyle.] 

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