Sunday, March 10, 2013

How to drink Scotch: 5 Scotch drinking tips for first timers

If you still haven’t tasted the amber gold and erotically tasteful Scotch, then you must not make any further adieu. But before you plunge your lips into it, here are some tips to make your experience a more enriching one:

i.                    Pour it in a tulip glass: To get the maximum pleasure out of its aroma, you are recommended to pour your Scotch in a tulip glass. Alternatively, you can also opt for a wine glass or a small-sized bowl. But never pour it in a large-sized glass.

ii.                  Scotch is not wine, so refrain from swaying: It is a common practice to sway the glass of wine, but you must refrain from doing so while drinking Scotch. Swaying will result in evaporation of alcohol, which will mar the experience and alter the original aroma!

iii.                Drink it before it gets old: It is said that wine gets better with age! However, the same is not quite true for Scotch. In case of Scottish whisky, it is advisable to consume it before it gets too old. That is so because Scotch tends to lose its alcohol content quickly, as compared to other liquors. Its taste can therefore drastically change if it is allowed to get too old.

iv.                 Add a bit of water to bring out its best: Even though some men may bow their head in shame if asked to drink Scotch with water, it has been found that a little bit of water brings out the best of the liquor. Water, if added in moderate amount, has the power to unleash some hidden potentials to leave you with a more satisfying and rich experience.

v.                   Pair your Scotch with a cigar: Powerful Scotch brands like Black Dog can be easily paired with cigars without letting the cigar tamper with the liquid’s taste. The combination of cigar & Scotch can also amplify your pleasure.

Black Dog Scotch whisky is the world's numero-uno label, offering guaranteed pleasure for first-timers and veteran drinkers alike.
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